Waistband Leggings


This waist option is usually high enough to cover that derby booty. The waistband is cut a little smaller to help hold on to your waist and prevent slipping down.

Sometimes you just want to wear a good pair of leggings. Inseam varies with size.

Our athletic leggings are perfect for the cooler days or if you haven't felt like shaving. Wear them out to skate practice or go for a bike ride. What ever you chose you'll be glad you're wearing your new favorite pair of leggings.


Made in USA

Finding the right shorts or leggings can be tough. Luckily, this line is made with skaters in mind. 1935 skate gear is here to help with these important questions!

“Can I find the right length? Will is cover my butt? What are my color options?”

You have 6 length options! Short, Mid-Thigh, Above-Knee, Below-Knee, Calf, and Ankle.

You have two waist options: A high-waist/ wide waistband option and standard high-hip elastic option.

You have way too many color options if we’re being honest. No judgement if you get one of every color though.